LensCulture 对作品《多面体 Polyhedron》的评论:

I find that Shukui’s creative, abstract images poetically express the ideas of thoughtfully applying his analytical curiosity as the motivating force behind the images. The photos are specimens, microcosms of a larger world that he explore with great awareness. He reverses the tonality and the shadows in the photos immediately communicate a kind of mystery in relationship to the highlights in the images. It alerts the viewer that things are not as they seem and only close investigation and consideration will solve the mystery!

Shukui’s creative vision seeks to capture the beauty that is hidden in the world around us. The abstract images point out that we can find beauty in completely abstract compositions that challenge our sense of perception and our need to quantify and identify everything we see. Maybe the images contain implications of an ancient geological history, or evidence of ancient civilizations, life and death, and symbols of strength and stability, but one of the fundamental things they communicate is curiosity.

These high contrast black and white images inspire the viewer to contemplate how their own perceptions and experiences may relate to these beautiful visual abstractions. The photos appear to be some kind of imaginative examples of unknown species and their environments, recorded and catalogued for further observation. They look like fragments of mysterious ecosystems that no one has ever seen. And those observations are not far off, since the fundamental ideas behind this portfolio are presenting the viewer with subjects that have never been seen in this way. The resulting images are also fascinating, visually poetic observations about photographing those things we cannot see, where the subject is not the object!

The idea of scale does not exist in the photos. Without some kind of visual reference there is no way to tell. The viewer tries to find their bearings bringing their own experiences to what they perceive. In all the photos there is a kind of ambience that is a kaleidoscope of lights and darks, contrast, mysterious, and full of drama. The images also function in a way that communicates the creator’s experience to the viewer. Anyone that is willing to set aside their compulsion to have to identify exactly what they are looking at will relate to the feelings of awe your images communicate. Each object, like each person, has its own personality, physical characteristics, and emotional expressiveness.